Since 1964, Eurozeta has been involved in heavy metal carpentry, or structural carpentry, not only in Lombardy but also in the rest of Italy.
Structural carpentry consists in the design and realisation of the load-bearing framework of a work: an initial prefabrication of parts takes place in the workshop while subsequently, by welding or bolting, the elements are assembled to create the steel structure directly on building sites.

Eurozeta follows a precise order in all its phases, from the preliminary project to the conclusion of the work:

  • Accurate surveys by qualified personnel using high-precision instruments to minimise errors on the measurements taken, which could compromise the success of the work.
  • Design followed by a team of professionals who, based on the surveys made and the client’s requests, provide static calculations of the load-bearing structures (sizing of beams, floors, etc.) and the creation of the necessary drawings in a two/three-dimensional CAD software
  • Prefabrication of structure-forming elements in the workshop: each structural material is certified and provided with traceability. The types of operation can vary: steel working, iron working, aluminium working, calendering, welding, etc…
    Painting, galvanising or protective treatment, if required.
  • Installation of all parts carried out by highly qualified production personnel from sketches drawn up by the technical office using lifting equipment and the necessary tools, in compliance with current work safety laws.

The demands for structural carpentry are multiple and range from the realisation of steel structures for new contemporary buildings (specialising in industrial warehouses with complex shapes) to those for elevations of existing buildings, from substructures for façade coverings to canopies and roofs, from staircases in various materials such as iron/steel/glass both straight and helical to industrial or civil lofts…

Steel structures and, more generally, metal structures are in great demand for several reasons, including the lightness of the construction, the ability to maintain their mechanical and technological characteristics over time, and the fact that they are not affected by the proportions of the composition elements and the climatic conditions.

Eurozeta offers innovative solutions for structural carpentry, aimed at the civil, hospitality, industrial, agricultural and retail sectors, as well as being able to boast realisations in the museum sector, not only in Lombardy but also throughout Italy. The experience gained over time and the desire to achieve increasingly higher quality standards lead the company to a constant commitment to modernising machinery and processes.

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