Eurozeta in relation to the energy sector, which has been growing exponentially in recent years, builds metal photovoltaic shelters, special pedestals and platforms, and electric vehicle charging towers throughout Lombardy. In Switzerland it has also made itself known for the construction of pylons for railway lines and transformer stations.

When designing and building photovoltaic shelters and towers for recharging electric vehicles, the company pays particular attention to design, studying shapes and materials best suited to the context, without ever forgetting functionality. For example, photovoltaic shelters in Cor-ten (or Corten) steel, galvanised and painted iron have been produced in a variety of shapes, both simple and complex.

The company also participated in the creation of Lotus, the photovoltaic tree that recharges cars.

Eurozeta loves the environment and has a personal interest in clean energy: it has installed photovoltaic panels on the surface of all its warehouses and the headquarter to make itself almost completely energy autonomous, as well as being able to contribute personally to reducing environmental pollution.

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