In 2017, in order to meet the company’s needs and those of an ever-increasing market, Eurozeta expanded and opened a new operating unit located in Pedrengo, specialising in the processing of expanded metal mesh.

There are many types of expanded metal mesh, with square, rhomboidal, hexagonal etc. mesh. It is an effective, contemporary, and clean solution that can be used in a variety of fields: from the protection of people as parapets, to masking elements while guaranteeing an air gap, to sunshades, to steps while also ensuring heel protection, etc. It can also be used in furniture or to achieve a fluid effect as a contemporary cladding.

At our headquarters in Pedrengo, our workers take care of cutting to size, folding and pleating, or fluid-effect bending, and edging so that the panels can be attached to the substructure. Everything is examined with our technicians so that it can be designed according to the needs of the project.

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