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Civil and industrial metal carpentry

Cutting-edge carpentry

Since 1964, Eurozeta has been one of the leading metal carpentries of the Bergamo, Brescia, and Milan areas and of all Lombardy. Founded as a family business, with the desire to respond to the growing demand of an increasingly complicated market, it is now a consolidated company, that has not forgotten the passion and humility of its beginnings. Its long history has led it to become highly specialised in the processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminium, and various types of metal.


In 2017, in order to meet the company’s needs and those of an ever-growing market, Eurozeta expanded and opened a new operating unit located in Pedrengo (BG, ITALY), specialized in the processing of expanded metal mesh.

In 2021, Eurozeta opened a third operating unit, close to the historical headquarters in Casazza (BG, ITALY), solely dedicated to laser cutting and metal sheet bending.

We realise all your ideas

Our metallic carpentry is capable of dealing with all your needs, to do so we invest time and resources to fight every new challenge, seizing the ever more varied possibilities that the potential of steel and other metals offers.

Heavy metal carpentry

Eurozeta performs heavy metal carpentry work throughout Lombardy.

It therefore deals with the design and construction of steel elements for the load-bearing framework of projects, i.e., all structural carpentry: from the construction of warehouses and buildings to the construction of iron, glass, and spiral staircases (both indoor and outdoor), projecting roofs, coverings, and any other structure the industrial, agricultural, hospitality, or civil sector requires.

Light metal carpentry


In addition to the structural part, Eurozeta also deals with light metal carpentry: This ranges from finishing works for building projects such as ventilated façades and design staircases, to the renovation of historical/archaeological sites of interest, street furniture, interior design, or lighting.

Another leading industry, part of the light metal carpentry sector, is logistics carpentry. It produces loading flaps, sectional doors, shelving, and any other customised solution for warehouses. Eurozeta pays great attention to sustainability it operates in Lombardy and beyond, producing carpentry works for the environmental and energy industries such as sound-absorbing barriers, electric vehicle charging towers, traffic lights systems, and numerous other solutions.

Regarding energy saving, Eurozeta is able to assist you in finding the most suitable solution for your specific case: for example, we can also produce sandwich panel cladding, insulated roofing, by studying technological details for the elimination of thermal bridges, in full compliance with Law 10/91 and subsequent amendments for renovation or extraordinary maintenance.

General contractor

The presence of an internal technical office means that Eurozeta not only operates as a metal carpentry company, but also as a general contractor carrying out “turnkeys work”.

As a general contractor, Eurozeta can take care of the complete project realisation and not just the carpentry part.

It can take over 100 per cent of the construction of a commercial or industrial building, a private home or a fit-out,

offering you a complete, and flexible service with the reduction of fixed costs.

Internal staff of professionals
Design and feasibility check
Presentation of authorization practices

Certified metal carpentry

Our certifications

The professionalism and experience of our staff allow us to range over different fields, while respecting deadlines and safety regulations.

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