Structural steelwork

Since 1964 Eurozeta has taken an interest in heavy metal carpentry, that is structural carpentry, not only in Lombardy but also in the rest of Italy.

The structural carpentry consists in planning and realizing the load bearing framing of a work: a first part of prefabrication takes place in the workshop while subsequently, by welding or bolting, the elements are assembled in order  to the create  the steel structure directly at the building site.

Eurozeta supervises the order in every its parts, from the preliminaries to the work’s realization:

  • Accurate reliefs by qualified staff using high precision tools in order to reduce the errors regarding the carried out measurements, that could compromise the success of the work.
  • Planning supervised by a professional team who, on the basis of the reliefs and the client’s requests,  take charge of the static calculation of the load bearing structures (dimensioning beams, attic, etc.) and of the realization of the necessary drawings by using CAD bi/ three dimensional software.
  • Prefabrication of the elements that shape the structure in the workshop: each structural material is certified and it is endowed with traceability. The operations are various: working of steel, iron and aluminium, calendaring, welding, etc.
  • Possible varnishing, zinc coating or protective treatment, chosen by the customer.
  • Implementation of each part performed by a high qualified staff starting from the drawings drawn up by the technical office through the necessary equipments, in observance of the current laws about job security.

The structural carpentry demands are various, starting from the realization of  steel structures for new contemporaneous buildings (specialist in industrial warehouse with complex shapes ) to those for the rising of existing buildings, from substructures for façade’s cladding to shelters and canopies, from stairs in various materials such as iron / steel / glass both straight and helical to industrial or civil lofts …

The steel structures and more generally the metal structures are in great demand for various reasons including the lightness of the construction, the ability to maintain over time the mechanical and technological characteristics, and not to be influenced by the proportions of the elements in the composition and by the weather conditions.

Eurozeta offers innovative solutions for structural carpentry, addressing to the civil sector, accommodation and industrial, agricultural and retail, in addition to boast of achievements in museums, not only in Lombardy but also throughout Italy. The experience gained over time and the will to achieve ever higher quality standards led the company to a constant engagement towards the modernization of machinery and of the workings.

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