Logistics metalworking

In recent years Eurozeta has developed a great experience in warehouse logistics industry, thanks to the collaboration with the largest companies of the throughout Italy.

The knowledge acquired with regard to the current legislations in industrial warehouses allows the company to make regular and extraordinary maintenance to sectional doors, metal shelving, loading flaps, protections for fire-fighting machines, etc.

In warehouse logistics industry sector Eurozeta boasts of qualified staff, ready to operate at the right time when a problem is pointed out, with the awareness that the quality of the industrial storage conditions the product of the stored product.

There are some basic points for people working in this sector: to guarantee the erection of the metallic shelves so that they can hold up the effective project’s loading capacity, to organize the laying of the metallic shelves optimizing the space, to study a dynamic warehouse in order to guarantee an impeccable running over time, to ensure the right environment’s temperature through the correct erection of the sectional doors (basic for the storage in food sector).

The company has a propositional attitude in comparison with the clients, it starts a kind of synergy

to try to reach solutions that can reduce the maintenance: for example it has  been planned and realized a new buffer stopper for loading flaps with a system that increases the resistance because of the usury.

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