Architectonic metalworking

Eurozeta loves defining itself as a carpentry for architecture.

Thanks to the collaboration undertaken for ages with studies of Architecture, Design and Engineering, paying attention to the materials used and to the architectural choices made, Eurozeta has been successful in the construction of contemporary buildings: from new buildings with complex shapes (especially specialized in designing and building industrial warehouses) to renewal  with airy façades, all characterized studying  the technological details tailor-made. Our interventions range from the civil to the industrial sector, from the retail to the urban. We are able to manage the order in all its phases, from the preliminary to the executive project, to end with the mass in work, ensuring also the structural check.

In order to satisfy the needs of the Architecture studies and Professionals, Eurozeta invests time and resources in research and development so in order to keep up with new proposals that the market of materials and technologies offers, to find and realize in each situation the best solution, both from the executive point of view and from the economic point of view.

The desire to pick up each challenge that comes up  is a source of professional growth, starting from the production workers to the engineers.

Eurozeta  can satisfy the creativity of people who trust in planning and building of constructions and objects which are used in various sectors such as interior design, lighting, street furniture, design, boating and art.

Accuracy and quality are the key words of the realizations in the interior design sector: furniture objects with various shapes and with different metals such as iron, stainless steel, Cor-ten steel, aluminium, which can be joined together  in order to create an original combination with materials such as glass and wood, both for private commissions and for the public administration.

During many years of experience, we  also made realizations in the lighting sector: elements with various metals such as iron and stainless steel (both satin-finished and mirror) for designer lamps, both for external and interior.

Eurozeta operates in the street furniture sector (both public and private) everywhere  in the North of Italy proposing articles in all types of metals and studying interesting solutions for every environment, even with the aid of wooden parts.

The company as a carpentry for Architecture is ready to face with seriousness and availability any type of project.

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